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ceanshinythings's Journal

Panfandom Slash Recs
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Panfandom, mainly slash recs of fic and art. No longer being updated - my recs can now be found at my main journal, surexit.

This recs journal is an index of Fics I Have Loved. I flatter myself that I'm selective enough that people who are not me will find it fun, but all you'll generally get in my recs is fandom, title, pairing, a few words about the tone of the fic so that you're not going into it completely blind, and a quotation.

I don't put warnings, and I don't put ratings. The lack of warnings is because I want to leave that up to individual authors, rather than figuring out a warnings system of my own. If you've got a trigger, though, I will happily tell you what's in a specific story - just drop me a comment and I'll answer ASAP. The lack of ratings is because I think they're a bit silly.

I'm insanely panfandom, but I will sometimes get on a monofandom kick. Be patient, I'll come out of it within a few days!

I try to keep links unbroken with a big clean-up every so often, but if you find a broken link please tell me, it'll help me loads. Also, this journal has been going since I was... really too wee to be reading the sort of fic that I was reading, so I don't necessarily guarantee the quality of recs that are a few years old. I mean, they're probably pretty solid, but not necessarily stuff that I would rec now that my taste has matured.

Things I like: AUs, happy endings, romance, good spelling and grammar, emotional depth, sex, pretty people.

Things I don't like: power imbalances, except very occasionally in PWPs. People writing 'make due' when they mean 'make do'. The word 'cum'.